Carmichael Capital


Carmichael Capital, Inc. provides personalized portfolio management for individuals, retirement accounts, trusts, pension plans, and corporations. The investment management style tends toward the “value” school of investment. Each client’s portfolio is invested individually in accordance with the needs of the client and the investment philosophy of the firm. Each client receives a quarterly statement of each account’s positions, as well as overall performance reports, soon after the end of each quarter. After the end of each year, every client receives capital gains reports with details of each transaction needed to provide to their tax preparers. At the client’s request, we often coordinate directly with tax preparers in order to make preparations for filing taxes as easy as possible for the client.

One of the founding principles of Carmichael Capital is that investors should understand their investments and have access to the person making decisions about their portfolio. We believe investors should have an investment advisor who can help them understand what their investments are and make it easy to understand how they are doing. To that end, Carmichael Capital provides reports and statements that are extremely easy to understand, along with quarterly letters written in plain English, not financial jargon. Personal conversations, by telephone or in meetings, can easily be arranged to complete the personalized service that we intend to render.

(Carmichael Capital, Inc. only transacts business in states where it is properly registered, or excluded or exempted from registration requirements.)